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National Coding Center is here to help your agency be as efficient and profitable as possible. All of our services are designed with customization in mind, so that each solution is created with a specific problem to address in mind. Even if your agency is just a few clinicians, or you're a multi-facility corporation, we're here to give you the best tools we can to succeed.

Home Health and Hospice Coding Services

We offer home health and hospice agencies an outsourced service for delivering accurate, timely, and professionally reviewed coding. Our specialists are trained to identify improvements that clinicians can make in order to maximize reimbursement to the agency. Our goal is to solve the problems and prevent as many as we can going forward. We're here to help you grow.

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Comprehensive Quality Assurance Reviews

All assessments receiving our quality assurance review undergo a thorough analysis of the OASIS answers in order to identify recommendations and suggested training for clinicians. Our specialists will provide a document for each assessment outlining ways to improve clinical documentation and ensure your agency is both compliant and running as efficiently as possible.

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Training and Education

We want you to succeed! With our massive wealth of knowledge in the home health industry, we can provide a tailored plan to your agency's success. By working closely with clients to develop educational resources and training segments that not only exceed standards, but provide a foundation for growing upon. Our coding and OASIS certified clinicians can provide remote training for your agency, as well as webinars covering a wide range of topics.

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Performance Based Improvement Reporting

By utilizing our comprehensive quality assurance services, you can monitor your agency's OASIS competency and focus on areas that need reinforcement. Performance reporting can give a high-level overview of where your resources can be best utilized. We hope by streamlining the administration, more time can be devoted to patient care.

Reporting is offered via our Client Dashboard, a web-based application for managing your agency.

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Client Dashboard & Reporting

We offer a web-based dashboard for our clients to see an overview of their agencies performance at any time. Submit documentation, access coding, download reports, and more with our client dashboard. Our unique platform allows us to rapidly create custom reports and enable self-service options for our clients.

Client Dashboard is offered to all our clients at no additional charge.

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