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Our clinicians at National Coding Center perform ICD code sequencing and comprehensive quality assurance review of medical charts for our client agencies. We use our valuable insights to help home health and hospice agencies avoid audits, ensure regulatory compliance, increase agency profitability, and train clinicians on better documentation.

Focus on patient care.
We'll handle coding.

Our coding experts are HCS-D & HCS-O certified and are constantly trained on the latest coding standards.

We can improve your agency's overall profitability by providing education and training to agency clinicians to identify and correct documentation problems.

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Effortless integration.
We work with your system.

Our staff are trained in multiple electronic medical record (EMR) systems to offer our clients multiple methods of submission to us. We can even directly enter our completed coding directly into most major EMR systems for clients providing us with a vendor login.

National Coding Center offers multiple methods of submission, such as our client dashboard, fax and encrypted email.

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Customized for you.
Real-time access to coding and reports.

National Coding Center offers our clients a web-based dashboard that gives access to their completed coding immediately, as well as customized reports highlighting their agency's status at any moment. Because we develop our software in-house, we're constantly adding new ways to interact and monitor your agency's performance.

We're constantly improving our client dashboard to provide more flexibility for our clients to get a bigger picture of their agencies performance.

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